Body Language and Profitability Impact
Learn how your silent language is affecting your business, your networking abilities and the impact on your employees and clients, and your bottom line.

Challenging Conversations – ‘Say What You Mean’
Is your intended message being heard? Has miscommunications cost you an employee or damaged a client relationship? Understand how a single word can change the direction and temperature of any conversation.

Leadership versus Management –‘Double Your Impact’
Do you solicit new ideas? Do you doubt your own thinking? Better understand how your style and attitude can impact productivity, motivation, innovation and employee/client relationships.

Behavioral Interviewing – Minimize The Chance of A Bad Hire
Are the right people interviewing the right candidates? The cost of bad hires negatively impact profitability for years.

Networking Effectively – ‘Coloring in the Dark’
Is networking just a necessary evil of doing business? Is it effective for you? Learn how to actually have a game plan and win.

Examples of recent work:
Female body language in the workplace (part 1)